We understand how important it is to plan the most beautiful day of your life, this is why our team of event specialists will ensure that your wedding is as spectacular as you always thought it would be.

170 €TTC per person


In an exceptional setting, plan the birthday party that suits you best. We have the perfect place to meet your desires aboard one of our boats with variable capacities.
A dedicated team is committed to meeting all your requests, whether it is for food, beverages, entertainment or thematic decorations.

Religious Celebration

Baptism, Bar Mitzvah or Communion are some of the most important events in your child’s religious life and the ideal opportunity to organize a celebration that brings family and friends together. In a friendly and warm atmosphere, we invite you to pursue the ceremony aboard one of our boats for the day or in the evening.

Student Event

From the graduation ceremony to the end-of-year gala, from the integration evening to the theme parties, enjoy a 360-degree view of the capital from aboard one of our privatizable boats.
We offer several entertainment options like DJ’s and live artists – or you can even bring your own!

Bachelor party

Embark the future bridegroom on one of our boats for an evening with a unique and customized experience. On board, there is no way to escape the activities you have prepared for her/him….