Juggling bartender

The flairs-bartenders (juggling bartenders) enhance the cocktail bar by juggling with their bottles and shakers at every cocktail made..

Close-up magician

Let yourself be tempted by a “close-up” magic performance.

Duration: 2h30


The art of inventing and making cocktails by subtly mixing alcohols, liqueurs or aromatic bitter for a perfect balance of flavours.


With just some pencil strokes or on a tablet, the artist makes you a portrait by accentuating some aspects of your face with a touch of humour.

Culinary workshops

To boost your event. Through a wide choice of culinary activities, you will not be in need of ideas for your event. From traditional animation to the most original, you can find the perfect way to animate this special day.

Culinary entertainment makes it possible to set the atmosphere, to have fun while fully enjoying the moment. When cooking and entertainment come together, the pleasure of guests can only be multiplied!