Escape game

A game of logic and research of clues whose aim is to get out of a room by solving different puzzles. The escape game is an excellent way to have fun while challenging the individual experience for the benefit of the team.

5 senses challenge

An oenologist/animator and sommeliers will take you on a challenge of the 5 senses. It is a team game organized around gastronomic, oenological, olfactory and gustatory puzzles during a cocktail party or a prestigious evening. Attendees divided into teams earn points that will allow the best teams to win rewards.

Wooden games

The animators rely on a variety of traditional games where skill and accuracy are the main watchwords.


You are looking for something new and exceptional… Board zodiacs in teams of 6 people, you will have to solve riddles throughout your adventure….

Dancing Challenge

Create the Haka of your company to demonstrate the strength of your identity and your team. Or, vibrate to the rhythm of salsa, shake on the Zumba, swing on oriental music, design your flash mob….


  • Backlit Roulette
  • Backlit Black-jack
  • Poker table, initiation for beginners and animations for advanced players.


Reveal your artistic talents by choosing the song that will make you the star of the night. An entertainer will guide you to revisit your cult songs.

TV Challenge

For one evening, you will be immersed in the world of TV entertainment. Throughout the evening, participate in different challenges, inspired by cult tv shows.


Equipped with a voting remote control, answer the questions asked by the animator. Work as a team to choose your answer from the answers displayed on the giant screen.