Corporate Evening Event

We organize receptions on the Seine throughout the year and can adapt to each occasion, no matter the size of the group or the reason for the gathering. From an event to celebrate important achievements to a team party, we can provide you with a wide range of options to ensure that your event is suited to your needs.

110 €HT per person

Seminar & Meeting

What better place than a boat for a company meeting? It’s original, exciting and ensures you get the attention of your colleagues, customers or suppliers.
Choose your embarkation/disembarkation point according to your schedule. With a range of on-board facilities, including catering, internet and presentation equipment, our boats are a perfect option for corporate meetings and provide a motivating and inspiring workspaces.

120 €HT per person

Petit déjeuner d’entreprise

Plan your business breakfast on one of our boats. An exceptional setting in which you can enjoy a tailor-made package.

Whether you want to organize an original company breakfast for your employees, customers or partners, our team of experts organizes this event in the smallest details and personalizes it according to your needs and expectations.

35 €HT per person

Showroom, Exhibition…..

Large volumes, a modular structure, natural light throught vast panoramic windows make our fleet a natural showcase to highlight products or creations.

Take advantage of our many stopovers along the Seine to create your temporary exhibition as close as possible to your guests.